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Thank you for the opportunity to test the Zaja gun cleaner & lube. I must say that I am very impressed with the cleaner. I have long been loyal to Hoppes
# 9 nitro solvent for cleaning my firearms and I have been satisfied with its capabilities. However, it tends to leave a residual coating that is difficult to remove even with detailed wipe down. My experience with the Zaja gun cleaner has been very good. It seems to clean every bit as good as the Hoppes #9 without the lingering film. I am also pleased with the reduction in malodorous fumes. In the enclosed confines of a small armory this is a great benefit. I am satisfied with the lube as well. I don't know that it will entirely replace my beloved CLP but it is thicker. I will definitely use it to supplement my use of CLP for applications when I prefer the increased viscosity to adhere to fast moving parts and especially in places where I would like the benefits of grease but don't want to tear the gun down just to apply it to some internal surfaces (like sears, trigger trunnions, etc). I will continue to test and evaluate both products and will keep you appraised of my findings. 

Ofc. Jeremy Lewis
Ocoee Police Department - Master of Arms
646 Ocoee Commerce Parkway
Ocoee, Florida 34761

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